We offer complete tranquillity and will lead you to the heart of the Egyptian desert, by jeep or camel to explore the ruins, quarries, oases, national parks and timeless desert landscapes. In a land where adventure awaits, our Marsa Alam Adventure Safari experience makes all your travel arrangements possible. We have a wealth of knowledge, a dedicated team of specialists, and you will be accompanied by the most experienced, multilingual guides, who can arrange desert excursions and visits to sites of religious and archaeological importance.

Our Adventures

Sunset Tour

Camel Ride Tour

Astro Tour

Over Night Camping

Rock Art of the Eastern Desert

Horse Riding Tour

El Quseir Tour

Edfu Day Trip

Luxor Tour

Wadi El Gimal

Aswan Tour


Ancient History

Egypt is known as the land of mysteries. Its magnificent treasures and history has captivated travelers and adventurers alike for centuries. Many people are drawn to this land of curious expectations and rarely leave disappointed.

This mystical land of the Pharaohs is an ancient land with an ever-present fascination, unequalled for its majestic monuments and authentic treasures, its diversity of Phareonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic Christian and Islamic cultures.

About our Excursions

You can join our ‘Discovery Tours’, which combine the best experiences a desert excursion can offer. Enjoy our popular Astro tour, set under a clear sky using our powerful telescope to view the stars. There is nothing better than being in the company of those who share your own interests…it is a truly magical formula. Our excursions are set up in remote desert area, and are designed with your well-being and comfort in mind. We carefully choose the most comfortable and convenient locations possible. Our aim is to provide a truly memorable experience, whilst ensuring you enjoy the thrill of discovery and adventure as we explore the great diversity of the Eastern desert.

Bespoken Tours

We can organise tours and experiences from a day trip up to a week, camping in different locations in the desert. All the hard work, including moving site during camping trips, is undertaken by our friendly, helpful staff…so you can truly relax and enjoy the wonders of Egypt! We provide you with spacious tents, and a wonderful variety of traditional and varied food. With everything taken care of, you are free to explore at your leisure, and relax in a peaceful and uplifting environment.

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