Adventures in Egypt

Sunset Tour with dinner & telescope watch

Starting from h 14:30 till h 20:00
Drive through the valley by jeep, reaching our first stop to explain Geological features with an explanation for he plants & animals found in the area.
Drive toward a site dated since 22000 years with some of the Rock arts found in the Eastern desert where you can touches fragments of history with your hand.

Drive to our camp where we will enjoy Bedouin traditional coffee (Ga-Baa-Na), have a typical Egyptian dinner and when it is dark we set the telescope & explain the milky way & its constellations.

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Camel ride Tour

A sun set tour for 2 hours driving through the desert by jeep.
From here we start the ride, enjoy the silent of the camels walking in the desert and the feeling of their slow motion, after sun set, Bedouin coffee and tea are served before heading toward the hotel.

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Astro Tour

Stargazing is something you should not miss while your visit to Marsa Alam.

Heading to the desert on a moonless night, will allow us to see the milky way and enjoy its mysterious formation and different constellations, guiding with laser and looking through powerful telescope you will be able to enjoy more about history & mythology of heaven above.

When the moon is too bright, we will have a close look explaining names for its famous crates looking where did Apollo landed, where the only human is buried & enjoy the desert under moon light.

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Over Night Camping

Share with us this unique experience of Camping in the Eastern desert or on board of the Red Sea shore in one of the famous National park in Marsa Alam, something you should not miss.
Tents are double or single dome-shaped tents with double layer to allow ventilation & watching the sky as well as privacy.
Tents have mattress, sheet, pillows, pillow sheet, sleeping bags & blankets.

If you would like to camp in style too, ask for our special luxury tents which have bed and thick mattress and more to show…

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Rock Art of the Eastern Desert

Visiting Bir Abou Safaa area, a site having rock arts since 48000 years ago.
Drive through several wadis looking at the rock art found in the area, have lunch, than drive toward our camping site, dinner and over night in the desert.
Early breakfast than drive toward Abrq village, meet with the local and look at the Ruins of the old Fortress in the area before driving back to Marsa Alam.

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Horse Riding Tour

Enjoy sun set tour with a professional horse riding guide for 2 hours mixture of riding sensation in the desert & Red Sea shore.

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El Quseir Tour

In Greek time known as the white port ” Leucus Limen” In Roman time the ” Mussels Harbor ” ” Myos Hormos”
Join our tour in this ancient town full of history visiting the Ottoman Fortbuilt in 1517, the Mosque of Shaykh Al-Farran, Walk in the old Quseir, and feel a sense of going back in time, lunch is in one of the oldest local restaurant than a visit to the church of the Virgin Mary and the martyr Barbara before having a short tour in the local souks that offer handmade goods and souvenirs before heading back to the hotel

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Edfu Day Trip

Early departure, reaching Horus temple which is consider the most completely preserved temple in Egypt, a 2 hour tour in the temple with our Egyptologist guide, after that we will visit one of the oldest monastery in the area date since the 4th century, a chance to have a short faloka ride on the river Nile before heading back to Marsa Alam.

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Luxor Tour

Enjoy a private special tour Through Ancient time with our Egyptologist guide who will escort you in Luxor, tour are flexible and can show you the most important places in Luxor city going back in time to places dated since 6000 years ago.

Very early start to reach Luxor, we will learn more about Menon status, the tombs of the Kings in West bank, visit Hatshepsuit temple and then cross from west bank to East bank to visit the Karnak temple, if we stay more time we will enjoy Luxor temple during sun set and visit the old town of Luxor.
Very early morning we can ride a balloon to enjoy more of Luxor city and temples but this time is from higher view, a short sailing boat tour in the river Nile before heading toward Marsa Alam.
More details are upon request.

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Wadi El Gimal

An hour to reach the main entry of Wadi El Gimal National Park, drive in the desert till reaching the temple of Wadi Sukat, & the Ruins of the old city
After lunch we will drive toward Hankorab beach with a chance for snorkeling. Back to hotel around h 16:00

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Aswan Tour

5 hours driving, reaching Aswan, we will meet with our Egyptologist guide who is going to show you the Unfinished Obelisk, the High Dam, then a boat will lead us to Phila Temple located on an island where the guide will explain all about it, lunch will be served later.
The boat will take us in a tour before we reach Hassah island were we will spend the night in one of the Nubian house who are going to welcome us.
Enjoy a very simple life with the locals living in this island dated from the Nubian civilization, watch sun set from the island, dinner will be served there and enjoy the silent in this island, over night in the island.

Early departure after a special breakfast, from the island by boat, have a tour in the city, enjoy the souk area before heading to Marsa Alam.

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For more information please contact the office located in the lobby of Brayka Bay hotel or the reception of the hotel in case if the office is closed.